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Indonesian artist Ono Gaf turns a great big heaps of scrap metal and junk into amazing animal sculptures. His latest creation is this awesome giant turtle. The colossal chelonian is made of hundreds of individual metal components, including tools, tractor rotors, springs, instruments and all sorts of car and bike parts.

Visit the Jakarta Post to learn more about Ono Gaf and his artwork.

Photos by Gina Sanderson

[via Colossal]


the cure for everything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea 
— Isak Dinesen

[FullviewSome stuff I did for the miseres exchange 2013 for my wuvluv voksen, who asked for “Valjean/happiness” or “Valjean & Cosette”.  So both, because I want voks to be happy and I wet myself with cran in her presence. 

(You should definitely check out the rest of the work here! So much good fic and art :D Thanks so much to carmarthen for setting up and organizing the cat herd!)

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